Why you won’t be writing log lines 5 years from now

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

There’s been plenty of progress with third-party black-box monitoring solutions, yet the way we instrument our code has not changed in years. Network and operating system monitoring gave way to framework-level monitoring using APMs and error tracking tools. And still, to truly understand what our application is doing, we must rely on our own instrumentation by writing and deploying additional code.

Some companies release a new software version in 15 minutes, while others do it in months. It’s no trivial process for any of them, and significant Dev and Ops resources are invested in keeping it moving forward. Our unquenchable thirst for data coupled with the ever-growing complexity of software pushes current solutions beyond the limit. The time has come for a paradigm shift, one that will unchain Observability from our engineering processes; one that will allow us to easily get the data we need.

Why keep data tangled up with code when separating the two will reduce bottlenecks, risks, and optimize dev resources? Each time we’ve separated concerns from code, the software industry has reaped the benefits, enabling the business to move faster and engineering to focus on what really matters.

In this talk, I’ll review the traditional limitations preventing us from accomplishing true observability, including their history and why many of them are no longer relevant today. Then, focusing on the future, I’ll explain how new tools will eventually set devs free from writing log lines
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