When Will DevOps Die?

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

We all can agree that the demand for DevOps is growing, but what does it actually mean? is it some new buzzword? is it a culture? is it a new set of tools? If DevOps is valid praxis which is based on culture, what is the role of the DevOps engineer? how does SRE, DevSecOps and NoOps are related to that? Are DevOps engineers just glorified sysadmin?

What will happen when everything will be automated? Would you agree that if a DevOps expert makes a great job he is not needed anymore?
What all the new cloud tools and abstractions mean for our profession?
What is the diffrence between a DevOps engineer, cloud architect, and DevOps consultant?

As I work for a company that is doing only DevOps, trust me that this subject is not taken lightly and we are pondering into those ideas often.

I will explain everything using a special technique i learend when i studoed for MA in History of Ideas.

The talk is based on 2 blog post i did that got huge success and reaction:


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