What Needs to Be Done in Order to Cut Serverless Deployment Time by an Order of Magnitude?

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

Cloud Formation Template YAML plus JSON for specifying Step Functions are machine level code. All available Serverless frameworks are just macro-Assemblers for that machine code, some slightly better, some less, but neither one making a radical change. Typical deployment of a non-trivial service takes minutes. Rapid development cycle needs 10 seconds feedback loop, not more. But resource allocation and covering to desirable state on cloud takes time and one cannot cut it down by an order to magnitude. In this talk I will share my experience of what could practically be done to resolve this conflict. It's not about Cloud Formation Macros or running SAM locally. It's more like adopting Agile Development methods to embedded systems. It's about raising up the level of abstraction in reliable way.
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