To Microservice or Not to Microservice? How?

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

Do more with less, the pain of the modern architect. High cohesion & low coupling, high availability & scale, ease of DevOps. Our systems need to support all these quality attributes, while providing more functionality with less resources. We need to be agile, we need to embrace changes, we need to have a better way!
Micro-Service-Architecture (MSA) promises to bring cure to the architect's pains, but does it really deliver?
This lecture presents the essence of MSA, how does it answer main concerns of modern distributed systems, how to get started, how to migrate current solutions to MSA by adopting an evolution migration path. What to be careful about and the signs that we are on the right track.
We will talk about SA evolution, the CAP theorem and eventually consistency, MSA principles, hosting. containers, versioning, orchestrators & decupling business processes.
By the end of this lecture the participant will have a better understanding of why, when and how to embrace the MSA approach.
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