The ultimate Kafka control plane

Ignite (5 Minutes)

Over 500 microservices at Wix are using Kafka for messaging and storage.
Having good monitoring and configuration dashboards is key for production debugging, analysis and fine tuning.

No similar tool out there met our needs, so we created “Greyhound Admin” - A control plane for Kafka that includes easy topic configuration, producer/consumer live topology, real-time Kafka based key-value stores queries and updates and many more.

This service has provided Wix with:
1. Complete self-service for our developers and less support burden on the devops team.

2. Much easier debugging of complex async event driven processes in production

3. Increased Confidence with using Kafka as a storage platform (in addition to its use as a messaging platform).

4. Better understanding of how our production systems really work

5. Has empowered our developers to be better at devops.
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