The Rise Of The Machines

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

Delivering Software is often a complex thing: Build Stack dependencies, Continous Integration, Delivery processes, DevOps bottlenecks, and so on. Processes are here for our safety, they prevent us to push bugs and regressions on production, so they can't be blamed. Nobody wants to push blindly untested code to thousands (millions?) of users.

Problem is: our agile processes moved us on continuous delivery, enforcing us to ship our apps multiple-times a day. How could we follow the processes in those conditions? Plus, how could we prevent conflicts if your team is decentralized and developers allowed to ship code at any time? We need DevOps! But DevOps are humans, and can't do more than possible in a day.

So we need... ChatOps! Let's keep our DevOps minds safe, and delegate our automate processes to machines (that's why we built them for, after all). In you team chat, add your favorite waiter, and deliver your team about delivery processes. Let's see how to fluidify your every work with automated DevOps.
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