The only problem with my service is that it works

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

I would like to take the audience through a short story of how i was assigned a task of re factoring to deployment model and tool of a huge cloud service with tons of legacy code but more important legacy mindset and how you can overcome the hurdles of "if it works don't fix it" approach by fixing it and showing the group that things can be better.
how the devops culture is a long juorney and not a "one time" turn around.

this is the story of "kusto" (Azure Data Explorer) Ops team, an exelent and growing service that is the backend of all the telemetry in Azure Cloud services (running on over 600,000 compute cores world wide) with over 30,000 clusters.

how just a year ago all the deployment process was done "believe it or not" by hand, how it seemed reasonable, how fast it got out of hand, and how my team made the necesary cultural change required for such scale and enabled the organization to grow even further (this is expected to double in the next couple of years)
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