The Hidden Value of Monitoring

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

Over the past year and half that I’ve been working at BigPanda I’ve noticed a pattern on how we handle challenges. I’ve tried to find the common ground between the different use cases and put a name on each step. That’s how I came up with the “DADI” Feedback loop.

*D*efine measurements (KPIs) , *A*dd monitoring (collect metrics), *D*raw conclusions , *I*mplement changes → (*REPEAT*)

Now I’m sure that it is nothing new to most of you, we all know very well that we need to define goals and KPI’s ... and I’m not here to tell you I’ve found a cure to all sicknesses of the world.

In my talk I will put a spotlight on the hidden value of defining success metrics (KPIs) and measure them the right way.
I will explain how implementing a feedback loop when facing challenges helps solving two very big problems that can be critical to most companies:
* The “alignment” problem
* The “doing the wrong things and chasing the wrong goals” problem

I will give examples on how metrics-driven state of mind can solve these problems and helps the team to learn from each feedback loop and grow from the process. I will share few examples from RnD, sales, and CS and for each example we will see how it helped the organization in ways we probably didn't know they can + how it also helped a different departments as well.

I will also talk about the dark side (aka WHAT NOT TO DO).
we must not forget that working with people.

Then I will recap and share my takeaways and give time for questions
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