Terraform best practices with examples and arguments

Masterclass (Full Day ~5 Hours)

It is easy to get started with Terraform to manage infrastructure as code. Just read the documentation on terraform.io, and you are done. Almost.

The harder part begins when infrastructure grows in all directions (several AWS/GoogleCloud/Azure accounts, regions, teams, projects, environments, external integrations). One of the most frequent questions is "how to structure code".

As the main developer of verified Terraform AWS modules (https://github.com/terraform-aws-modules), I want to show how to use those modules to build real infrastructures. We'll make it in an interactive way where everyone is involved.

In this workshop, I will explain many of challenges related to that, what works, what does not work, why so, and most importantly I will show all the code which works from small projects to very-large infrastructures (featuring multi-cloud and multi-region setup).

This workshop is best suitable for people who have been using Terraform at least for some time and already have practical questions, but there will be some basic information for newcomers also.

Previous experience using Terraform and AWS is not required but recommended to better understand the workshop.

Participants will be provided with AWS access prior to the workshop.

Some of the content used for the workshop is available here - https://github.com/antonbabenko/terraform-best-practices-workshop
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