Kill the mutants – cause it is about time to test your tests

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

Unit tests are part of our day to day. Some of us are even practicing TDD. But we don't have a good measure of the quality of the tests. Tests are supposed to prove the correctness of the code, and together with CI, you also get registration for free. But the big question that we don't address is what is the quality of the test?

Mutation Testing is not a new idea but considered as too theoretical and was an academic thing. Noways that CPUs are faster and tools are better it is rasing up again as a practical quality technique.

If you are using Chaos Monkey to check your alerts, then you are already familiar with the concept: mutate (change) your code, run the tests and validate that it fails.

Tools already support most modern languages and create useful reports as well as good integration with CI and IDE.
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