Implementing Accelerate’s 4 Key Metrics To Measure Engineering Excellence At WeWork

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

WeWork provides space-as-a-service. Across our global portfolio of locations, we offer individuals and organizations the flexibility to scale workspace up and down as needed, with the ability to consume space by the minute, by the month or by the year. Technology is an integral part of WeWork’s product offering: software and hardware are pervasive across the business – from managing real estate planning and construction, to building community applications.

In this session, we will cover how WeWork has instrumented its Developer Platform to drive engineering excellence, going over:
- How we built the infrastructure for our technology organization, including engineering processes, DevsOps practices, and more
- The implementation of the reporting of 4 selected metrics (Lead Time for Changes, Deployment Frequency, Time to Restore Service, and Change Failure Rate) advocated by Nicole Forsgren —keynote speaker at DevOpsDays this year— et al. in the Accelerate book to provide hard data to teams
- The results we have achieved so far

Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how WeWork is measuring its engineering velocity and practices, and how their organizations can also adopt the Accelerate metrics.
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