From containers to Standard System API: A WASI Odyssey

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

WebAssembly as started as a new experiment to run webapps faster in the browser. Thinked as a binary format for a stack-based Virtual Machine, it is becoming more and more efficient and powerful. Thanks to binding librairies like wasm-bindgen, you're now able to run your computing code inside a dedicated space, without slowing down your UI thread.

By itself, WASM is the expected next-generation of technology that allow us to think the Web browser as an open platform to compete with native apps.

So what of being able to run WASM binaries not only inside the browser, but on your server directly? That's the promise behind WASI, a WebAssembly System Interface. This new step will allow us to write our business logic once and run it everywhere (ring a bell, Java?). This is not just a new isomorphic-thing (ring a bell, React?). It is both more powerful, more efficient, and more secured than all previous tries to build a unified stack, to run our code smoothly and fastly.

Let's see what's behind the hood.
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