From 0 to 100 CI/CD in minutes

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

Let’s start by understanding what are the key pitfalls of many organization trying to build their CI/CD environment.
The first is and most important is time. When it takes too much time to build or we didn’t reserve enough time for it due to other priorities.
The second is Expertise. What is a Jenkinsfile? How do I write it ? Which building blocks should I use? Yes, there is “Google” now, so everyone can use an online example and build something , but what happens when this fails :-( ?
The third is Production. For many organizations, CI/CD ends with Dev or Test owing to compliance and segregation of duties which eventually causes engineers to give up trying to build the ultimate pipeline.
Three years ago, AT&T understood it had to rethink how it was doing software development, and one of the key conclusions was moving to microservices. The issue with a microservice architecture is that it is hard to manage, so AT&T developed a framework called CDP - Continues Delivery Platform.
CDP had to find a way to solve the 3 keys pitfall of Time, Expertise, and Production, which it did.
During the talk I will go over the following concepts and how we implemented them:
Template Catalog - Searchable Reusability, Self-Service Onboarding , Automated , Consistent Experience
Automated CI/CD Pipeline - Full Lifecycle Automation, Human Gate Approvals, Enables DevSecOps Culture
Runtime Application Fabric - Secure, Highly Resilient, Automated Deployment, Dynamic Scaling
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