Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration – devops role in the new world

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

DevOps has come a long way, really fast.

Just a few years ago the term didn’t even exist, and today it’s one of the pillars of R&D. These days, as companies strive to be more agile, DevOps has more responsibility and impact than ever before. In modern R&D teams, DevOps engineers are placed right in the middle of all the action. And yet somehow, many still wonder: what exactly is DevOps, and what does a DevOps engineer do?

In this talk, I’d like to suggest a different approach to this continuous-loop of a question and focus on the main role of DevOps as I see it: eliminating fear.

We’ll examine how a good DevOps engineer can increase the productivity of the entire team. This can be done both, by using the existing tools, and by creating a culture that allows people to move fast while knowing that DevOps has got their back.

Devs have plenty to worry about:
How do I merge to master? How do I deploy to production? How do know my code isn’t going to break production? And if my code breaks production, what will I do then?

Management also has its share of anxieties:
How can we be sure everything is working as expected on the operational side? How can we know customers are having a good experience with the product? After a production issue - how do we explain this to the affected clients? And how do we make sure it won’t happen again?

DevOps engineers have one core fear:
How do I know everything is working?
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