Exactly Once Delivery is a Harsh Mistress

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

Is Exactly Once Delivery a pipe dream? Recent versions of Kafka have claimed they have made it a reality.

In this talk I will go over the basic theory of messaging in distributed systems, the different message delivery guarantees and the protocols that implement them.

I will focus on exactly once delivery guarantees and the way Kafka implements it with transaction based messaging protocol between the producer and the consumer.
Including a discussion of the latency/throughput trade-offs, resource utilisation and its overall shortcomings.

Finally, I will show how it has helped power Wix's event-driven data-streaming and data-storage Infrastructure we hope to open source soon.
This infrastructure greatly simplifies building and maintaining services in a highly distributed production environment.
It lets developers focus on business logic instead of keep making sure their code is idempotent and fault-tolerant.
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