Distributed Sys Teams

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

TL;DR: Hire Remote, Hire Anywhere, Hire Diversely, Distribute the team. Talent knows no borders.

Humans are creatures of habit, and for as long as we have known, we tend to congregate geographically. We pick our friends in proximity, our grocery store is one thats close to where we live and the deliciousness of that meal is directly proportional to the amount you have to walk to get it.

Employers tend to do the same. Hiring locally, in proximity. Even when a company is large enough to have a presence around the world, most managers prefer a team to be local and physically present in an office.

I have worked remote for the past 8 years. Sometimes, in the same city - just from home. Sometimes, across on the other side of the world. And a few times, on planes at 35,000 feet. In this talk, I shall help outline some of the challenges in working with a team across timezones, things that have helped me and my team(s) and small changes you can make in your process and culture that will help ease some of the pain points.. I shall conclude with how distributed teams add value to a company.

Spoiler Alert: Distributed teams promote diversity, inclusion, break down political borders, cultural understanding of one another AND can absolutely be more productive while giving you 24h coverage on teams!
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