Developing Your DevOps Adoption Roadmap: Practices and Principles

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

DevOps transformational efforts are challenged. In a survey of over 3000 corporate executives, two-thirds reported that their organizations failed to achieve intended performance improvements following organizational change initiatives (Meany & Pung, 2008). In addition, another study (Grady & Grady 2013) concluded that 68% of organizational change efforts fail or experience serious challenges. Adopting DevOps practices goes beyond process and technology usage requiring a transformational change to address cultural issues that create barriers to DevOps adoption. The shift to DevOps expands the scope of transformational change from the software development department in the IT organization to the entire enterprise. Transformational change initiatives addressing culture have the highest failure rates compared to other types of change efforts. This talk examines the established practices and principles of agile software development (ASD), Lean IT and DevOps and how their interrelations create the need for a multi-practice approach when organization seek to adopt DevOps practices for internal teams. Every transformation journey imposes changes to the structures of people, process and technology and every organization embracing DevOps practices adoption has to know which principles and practices are right for their specific internal IT functions.
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