Demystifying git: understanding git fundamentals for better ops

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

When I started using git 7 years ago, I was baffled by its mysterious jargon, and intimidated by the occasional French-revolution threat "You are in detached HEAD". WAT?

I do like my head attached, so I kept the secret industry best practice: stick to add, commit, pull and push, and if anything goes wrong - copy the repo to another dir, pray, and apply some online black magic. This sucks. I decided to learn git from first principles.

Understanding its primary concepts - Trees, Objects and References - allowed me to read the manuals, understand the errors, and reason about workflows and operations.

In this session I will explain the git fundamentals: file structure, SHAs and objects, commits, refs and branches, up to the git interactive rebase. After this session, you should be able to understand git man pages, error messages, and repo states - without losing your HEAD.
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