Delivery on Steroids – 3 Magic Pills for Fast Uncompromising Development

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

As software engineers we are often faced with situations where we are forced to put aside our engineering values and develop something quickly. This dilemma often rears its ugly head when product managers are involved. It's no secret that this tension exists and creates an "Us vs Them" scenario.
But what if I told you this doesn't have to be the case? In this talk I will introduce you to techniques that will allow you to break this tension. I will take you through my own personal experience of developing a product using these techniques including a very special one known as Kent Beck’s 3X model. I will discuss some of the challenges and rewards of working this way. Learning to work with product managers without compromising our values is a big advantage and by the end of this talk you’ll have the tools to do just that.
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