Data Driven Operations

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

when you run a service operation and wish to make it scale you need to make sure you know all the facts and not make any decisions based on partial information or worst feelings.
in order to do this you sometimes need to make critical decisions about what data to keep and how to analyse it.
Lucky for me ... I work in a development group that builds a distributed big data platform and can keep all the data, all that's left now is to ask the correct questions and define the correct metrics.
the goal of the talk is to help the audience how to figure out what is interesting to know what's important and what to measure (lead time, velocity, quality, compliance, revenue, incident resolution time and quality, incident duplications and "lessons not learned" and more).

this is not a talk about the cool platform and how great is my job, but rather a layout of hoe anyone can achieve this when focusing on the right questions.

how to use this data to allow letting go of old habits and "intuitive feelings" and focus on the facts.
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