Cloud Production Debugging Made Easy

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

There are cases where bugs are discovered only after the product is shipped and used by the end users. The main reason for these bugs that appear only in the production environment is the use of real user scenarios with real user data. Production debugging is about solving customer-facing issues that aren't easily reproducible in the development or testing environments. When it comes to cloud hosted application, production debugging becomes even harder. The code is running on multiple hosts, a business flow can span many services. A remote debugging session with the cloud is dangerous and may introduce side effects to the current running software, such as performance degradation, interruption of service, and data correctness issues.
There tools that let you take a snapshot - a dump file of a service hosted in production. A dump file is like a single picture from a movie. Viewing a dump file might reveal some facts about the execution state of the specific service, but it does not show the business flow and does not provide a way to single-step through the code.
In this lecture, the audience will see a revolutionary tool and approach for a collaborative cloud production debugging – OzCode Debugging as a Service, where the DevOps and the Dev team can solve production problems together! The participant will learn how to get series of related error occurrences, with a full time-travel debugging capabilities using the right version of the source code for the deployed solution.
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