Build Systems and the R in R&D

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

Bazel is Google’s build system, known for being Fast and Correct - but less so on Macs.
On our journey to onboard Bazel at Wix, we had to build a development environment for Bazel on Macs, that would give all our developers an experience comparable to Bazel on Linux.
What started out as a theoretically elegant solution, turned out to be an unexpected emotional roller coaster!
In my talk, I'll walk you through Build systems, what Bazel has to offer and you'll then join my journey of trying to build a solution that integrates many moving pieces and discuss some of the technical gotchas that I discovered while 'simply' using Docker-for-Mac as a development box.
I will also share what it felt like to attempt a large scale research project, which affected hundreds of developers in my company, and the valuable life lessons I learned on addressing research projects.
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