A Journey from Python to Go

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

I love Python. It has been my go-to language for the past five years. But the growth in the popularity and maturity of Go, alongside the strong user base, made me think about how I can add it into my tool set.

In this talk, I'm going to tell you about my journey from Python to Go, and provide you with some tips and expose you to some of the resources that helped me succeed on this journey and live to tell the tale. I will dive into some of the main differences, and how to minimize the learning curve, as well as some of the excellent libraries and tools that enabled me to ramp up my Go coding skills pretty quickly & painlessly.


This talk is based on a blog post that I published under AppsFlyer Tech Blog:

The post -
* Got over 45K reads
* Selected to be distributed by Medium curators
* Reached Medium main page
* Got translated into Russian and Chinese -
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