Tanya Gordon
Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator | Technical leader @ HP | Devops | Public speaker @HP
Tanya has over ten years of experience in software development and various customization of ALM products to support the enterprise's needs. Currently working at HP, Tanya is responsible for extending and scaling JIRA and Confluence to support a growing R&D department of about 2000 users. She has previously worked at Payoneer, one of the largest and successful FinTech startups in Israel, as a DevOps engineer.
Tanya also acts as the co-leader of the Tel Aviv Atlassian Community and is very passionate about contributing to the Atlassian collaborative community and meeting new seasoned admins like herself.
Tanya holds a B.A. degree in computer science and management from the Open University of Israel. In her free time, Tanya loves to sing and perform with her ensemble, called “Sound of Science”.
Tanya Gordon's proposals

Top Jira Admin Mistakes

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

As a certified Jira administrator, I have navigated my way through the never-ending customers’ requests for customization and survived to tell the tale. Join me for this session and learn the do’s and don’t of Jira administration.

Jira Customization: Finding the Perfect Balance

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

When it comes to customizing Jira, the possibilities can seem endless. So, what is the best way to navigate all of these options and find the best fit for your teams?

How Atlassian software supports HP on its LPPD journey

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

Atlassian was chosen as the technical partner to introduce and apply the LEAN methodology at HP. The ultimate goal was to create the most value for the customers while minimizing resources, time, energy and reducing waste. To achieve this, HP has traveled a unique and successful journey.

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