shani feldman
SRE II @Microsoft (Azure)
SRE for Azure Kusto development group former ops team lead at Intel Realsense, former Consultant at Sela in the Application Life
Management (ALM) Group. Has over 12 years of experience in
designing and developing software, extensive experience in “on
premise” enterprise applications and scenario focused engineering
(SFE). As a developer Specializes in C++ and Python. Most of his
former freelance Projects manager
(PM) for the Israely department of defense, and his professional
abilities perfected as an active contributor in Open source, cross
platform, developer and tester.
tries like to keep up to date with new, cutting edge technologies and
methods as well as staying in touch with
fundamentals. in physics.
shani feldman's proposals

Data Driven Operations

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

First this you need in order to get insights on your system is data, when you are developing a distributed (big) data platform you can save all the data and worry about what are the interesting questions later ... once you have the data, you can figure out what are the important metrics to measure and act on them

The only problem with my service is that it works

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

A tale of how to slowly but surely take legacy services and mostly legacy culture, transform the service into agile automated continuously deployed. and see what it does to the organizational culture.

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