Quintessence Anx
Developer Advocate @Logz.io
Quintessence has worked in the IT community for over 10 years, including as a database administrator and a DevOps / Cloud / Infrastructure engineer. She was a core contributor to Stark & Wayne's SHIELD project, which adds backup functionality to Cloud Foundry, as well as a technical reviewer for Learning Go Programming published by Packt Publishing. Currently she is the US Developer Advocate for Logz.io, focusing community engagement related to DevOps. Outside of work she is a leader and co-founder of Inclusive Tech Buffalo to help underrepresented minorities in tech launch careers in development.
Quintessence Anx's proposals

Unquantified Serendipity: Diversity in Development

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

What do you see when you look at a person walking down the street? Their physical traits, like their clothes, gender, race? Or do you see their untapped potential? I’m going to take a time out and discuss how we can see the potential in one another and be excellent allies to fostering diversity.

Sensory Friendly Monitoring: Keeping the Noise Down

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

As infrastructure increases in complexity and monitoring increases in granularity, engineering teams can be notified about each and every hiccup in each and every server, container, or process. In this talk, I’ll be discussing how we can stay in tune with our systems without tuning out.

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