Omer Levi Hevroni
DevSecOps Engineer @Soluto by Asurion
I’m coding since 4th grade when my dad taught me BASIC, and I got hooked. From that point, I learned to code in many programming languages (today my favorite is C#). Today I’m working at Soluto by Asurion, and coding is a huge part of my day job.
My passion for AppSec started by accident when I was offered the role of security champion. The AppSec journey was (and still is) fascinated, and taught me a lot. OWASP helped me a lot during this journey; This is why I decided to become a paying member and also leading OWASP Glue.
My current job is DevSecOps – helping the entire team to produce more secure software. Besides my job, I’m also giving a lot of talks all over the world, and heavy OSS contributor – mainly to Kamus, a secret encryption solution for Kubernetes platform.
When I’m not working – I’m enjoying the company of my two beloved kids
Omer Levi Hevroni's proposals

Can Kubernetes Keep a Secret?

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

Keeping secrets secret is critical to any application. It might sound a trivial problem on Kubernetes platform (just use the Secret object) - but things are a bit more complicated. Why? What tools you can use instead? Join me for this session to find out!

Solving trust issues at scale

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

Securing service to service communication was never easy. Can we build a system that enforce good practices like least privilege and secure by default without affecting devlopement velocity? Apparently yes - and in this talk I’ll share how!

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