Naresha K
Naresha works as Continuous Delivery Architect and Technical Excellence Coach. He helps teams to design their continuous delivery process. He works with the developers to improve their professional practices to get better at developing maintainable applications that continuously deliver business value. He also helps teams to architect solutions for the cloud and migrate applications to cloud platforms. He has been developing enterprise software for more than 12 years.

Naresha is the founder organiser of Bangalore Groovy User Group. He has been a speaker at several conferences including GR8 Conf EU, Functional Conf, GR8 Conf India, Grails Conf, GIDS, Eclipse Summit and Selenium Conf.
Naresha K's proposals

Implementing Cloud Native Architectural Patterns with Micronaut

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

This talk aims to give an overview of some of the architectural patterns that improve the effectiveness of microservices-based applications. Combined with the implementation makes it easy for the participants to grasp the ideas. Micronaut is the framework of choice here because it comes bundled with the support for implementing these patterns.

Seven Anti-patterns in Automation of Acceptance Tests

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn. However, life is too short to commit all mistakes ourselves. One has to learn from others mistakes as well. This presentation is my compilation of some of the mistakes that I observed around developing automated acceptance tests across teams that develop web applications.

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