Matty Stratton
Global DevOps Advocate @PagerDuty
Matty Stratton is a DevOps Advocate at PagerDuty, where he helps dev and ops teams advance the practice of their craft and become more operationally mature. He collaborates with PagerDuty customers and industry thought leaders in the broader DevOps community, and back when he drove, his license plate actually said “DevOps”.

Matty has over 20 years experience in IT operations, ranging from large financial institutions such as JPMorganChase and internet firms, including Apartments.com. He is a sought-after speaker internationally, presenting at Agile, DevOps, and ITSM focused events, including ChefConf, DevOpsDays, Interop, PINK, and others worldwide. Matty is the founder and co-host of the popular Arrested DevOps podcast, as well as a global organizer of the DevOpsDays set of conferences.

He lives in Chicago and has three awesome kids, whom he loves just a little bit more than he loves Doctor Who. He is currently on a mission to discover the best phở in the world.
Matty Stratton's proposals

The Five Love Languages of DevOps

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

What does DevOps mean to you? Do you have trouble "selling" DevOps in your organization? In this talk, I will review the core ideas of CALMS, and help identify which areas of a DevOps transformation appeal to different roles in an organization, to help you learn to speak the "DevOps Language" of your stakeholders.

Hot Takes, Myths, And Falsehoods – Why Everyone Is Wrong About DevOps Except For Me

Ignite (5 Minutes)

Everyone has an opinion about DevOps. The problem is, most people’s opinions are wrong. In this Ignite, I’ll spin through some of the more popular misconceptions about DevOps of the last year or so, and clarify them as only I know how.

Fight, Flight, or Freeze — Releasing Organizational Trauma

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

Organizations can be seen to respond to incidents and outages similarly to how individuals respond to trauma. In this talk I will explain the background of fight, flight, and freeze, and how it applies to organizations. Based on my own experiences with post-traumatic stress (PTS), I will give examples and suggestions on how to identify your own organizational trauma and how to help heal it.

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