Tech Evangelist @alwaysdata
m4dz is a strange animal. Through many lives, he always tried to teach to others what he learnt himself. Previously a web developer (nobody's perfect), concerned about privacy, a respect of private data, and cyber security. He's now Tech Evangelist at alwaysdata. He tries to inform about present and future of digital issues. His favorite book always remains "Alice in Wonderland".
m4dz's proposals

From containers to Standard System API: A WASI Odyssey

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

How WASM on the server will rule the Web, and more, in a common and standardized interface.

Strengthen the Web from the browser

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

Is writing a secured web app a utopia? The advent of PWA to power a lot of new apps is one of our security developers 99 concerns. But yet, we've got Sec Policies, WASM for the crypto-layer, Blockchain for a trusted distribution, and Zero-Knowledge to enforce data protection. Now find how to catch'em all!

The Rise Of The Machines

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

How ChatOps can clear your mind of delivery processes

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