Lev Andelman
CTO @SkyWiz
Lev Andelman, CTO in SkyWiz, by TeraSky, didn't sleep much for 10 first years of his career. Most of those nights went to handle crises, restore service, improve availability and handle web traffic spikes of highly successful startups.
Few years ago, Lev discovered cloud computing, DevOps culture with "everything as code" approach. Nowadays Lev designs and implement scalable, cost effective and resilient solutions. Lev holds formal high level certificates such as CKA - Kubernetes Certified Administrator, Google cloud Architect and many more
Lev Andelman's proposals

EscapeBox – Are you sick of technical interviews?

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

How to make your technical interviews fun, objective and ever improving.

Zen and the art of multi-cloud maintenance (Terraform, Consul, Vault and Nomad) – Lev Andelman & Andrei Burd

Masterclass (Full Day ~5 Hours)

Systems become more and more complex - you have to maintain multiple technology stacks among different clouds with challenging security requirements. In this talk we'll start from defining the challenges and then addressing them with actual hands-on labs.

CI/CD story – Once upon a time in Herzliya

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

How a company moved from having deployment once per 3 months and taking 3 weeks to create deliverables to having deliverables for multiple platforms including stress tests within 1 hour.

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