Ran Ribenzaft
CTO & Co-Founder @ Epsagon
Ran is the CTO and Co-Founder at Epsagon, focused on bringing observability to serverless cloud applications. Ran is a passionate developer, with vast experience in network, infrastructure, and cyber-security.
Constantly chasing new technologies - as the current one is Serverless. Love sharing open-source tools to make everyone’s lives easier :)
Ran Ribenzaft's proposals

Developer Velocity in a Build-It-Faster World

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

In today’s cloud world, you need to build software better and faster. The way we develop and deploy software is changing dramatically, making the ecosystems of our applications even more complicated than ever. And developers feel the pressure. In this session, we will examine the monitoring challenges for the modern app and the right tools to increase developer velocity and confidence, while decre

Why Serverless + DevOps Is a Perfect Fit

Ignite (5 Minutes)

Serverless - Devs love it as it enables them to move much faster, but Ops tend to be suspicious towards it as it entails “loss of control” over your infrastructure. When making the DevOps transformation, these worlds seem to collide. But serverless is actually a great fit with the DevOps culture, and it can even help you make the transformation.

How to Trace in Hybrid and Cloud Environments – Distributed Microservices

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

Microservices architectures complicate visibility and observability of application performance. Why? Each microservice is separated and working asynchronously from the others. Distributed tracing is a key approach to understanding performance. In microservices environments, there are new challenges and opportunities which make distributed tracing a very interesting and useful technique for high ob

Visualization Is Seeing and Believing

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

isualization can provide true visibility for microservices and serverless. Visualization is a key technology for understanding and analysis of modern applications. When the microservices and serverless application graph is composed of hundreds and sometimes thousands of components, nodes and edges, visualization can help in both the design and the monitoring of such a distributed system

Bottlenecks in Serverless Applications

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

Managed services have become a main part of modern cloud applications. Utilizing existing services via APIs provides developers with great flexibility and velocity. However, the significant reliance on these services, which you have no control over, puts your application’s performance and costs in danger.

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