AI Researcher & consultant @Stanford University
Jayesh Bapu Ahire is an organizer of the Pune Elasticsearch User Group and co-organizer of Pune Developers Community. Jayesh is an AI Researcher doing research on NTM’s and Distributed Neural Computers with renowned universities. He is a freelance AWS consultant and will be launching his startup in the FinTech domain by this year-end. Jayesh has authored books on Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, and Simulation Hypothesis. He writes a technical blog and his articles are published in many renowned publications. He has been awarded a title of Twilio Champion by Twilio and Most Valuable Blogger by Dzone.
jbahire's proposals

Demystifying AIOps

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

AIOps as a market category has exploded over the last couple of years. The number of inquiries Gartner fields has increased exponentially as have the number of Google searches on the topic. This talk explains the technology and market dynamics driving the emergence of AIOps and how it is a response to those challenges.

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