itiel shwartz
Lead devops/ First developer @Rookout
Originally a Backend developer now turned Devops.
Started working at eBay but felt it's too big.
Joined a 50 ppl startup (Forter) but it got big again.
So now I'm a first developer (Rookout) - hope to make my company big :)

On the past, I worked mainly with distributed systems and big data (Storm/ES etc).
And on my current job, I'm responsible for the Infra side - building a full cloud-native CI/CD from scratch using the latest technologies, and making sure we have the right logging and monitoring to make sure nothing breaks.

But more importantly how to use those tools to build a great R&D culture.

I Really love to try pushing the limits of how fast we can have the R&D moving While making sure no one lives in fear (developers or management) of the system bursting into flame.

Love learning new things, feel like the tech world is HUGE and growing like crazy, And I like being on the cutting edge of it :)
itiel shwartz's proposals

Logging in the cloud: machines first human come second

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

Our system complexity is growing like crazy, what about our logging? While writing new code we should think about: The (poor) developer trying to debug this in production. Sadly we feel like our code is great - so need to log it :) Come and find out what’s broken in logging design, and how to fix it

Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration – devops role in the new world

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

This talk will focus on how devop can make his team members better - not only by building/using the right tools but by changing the atmosphere in the R&D. We will talk about the fears developers are facing each day, how to reduce them, and why it’s the best thing you can do for your team.

Hunting down the silent killers of your team’s productivity

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

This talk is going to help you find the hidden areas where your team is wasting their time on. We will find “invisible” and boring areas that no one really cares about, understand how much time they are really costing your team, and what can we do to make our team much more efficient - and happy!

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