itamar syn-hershko
CTO @ BigData Boutique @BigData Boutique
My passion is building and scaling reliable data systems. After leading the development efforts in several software companies, I am now helping organizations adopt and succeed with BigData.

Today I'm the Founder and CTO of BigData Boutique, a Premium Consulting firm focusing on BigData and Cloud technologies. My day job involves a lot of hands-on work in the intersection of DevOps, Data Engineering and just good old Software Engineering.
itamar syn-hershko's proposals

End-to-end System Monitoring and Alerting with the Elastic Stack

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

After seeing hundreds if not thousands of systems in pretty much any scale, vertical and on any infrastructure, I'm here to talk about what it takes to create a solid, helpful and proactive system monitoring using the Elastic Stack.

Multi-cloud infrastructure as code with Pulumi

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

As Terraform is becoming more and more popular, some of it's limitations are becoming more and more evident. Pulumi is a modern infrastructure as code tool, which lets you create and manage complex infrastructure using your favorite programming language (js, Go, Python and more).

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