Gal Shelach
Scale and Performance engineer in the infrastructure group @Taboola
I am a software developer in the Production Engineering team in the R&D Infrastructure Group. As such, I take part and lead tasks that improve Taboola’s performance and stability. I work on the core pillars of our infrastructure, to support our ever-growing scale.
Gal Shelach's proposals

TimeKeeper – control the latency under extreme load

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

“Alice: How long is forever? White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.” You are invited to hear Taboola’s story of how we improved the way our services behave under extreme load, so we can avoid cascading service failures and we can fulfill the demands of the SLA. We used a request tracing to find the bottlenecks in our system and limit them using in-house development of TimeKeeper.

How to Push to Production on Thursday Afternoon and Live to Tell the Tale

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

Taboola has >250 developers creating over 20 releases a day. Going from QA to production means exposing a new feature to 1.4B monthly unique users and up to 500K HTTP requests/sec which can be frightening. In my talk, I will demonstrate the concepts we use in Taboola to tackle the above challenge.

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