Erik Zaadi & Daniel Korn
Erik Zaadi:
I'm a Team Leader at BigPanda, also dwelling in our Community efforts.
I've been doing software development for over a decade.
Addicted to automating ALL THE THINGZ, from CI to opening doors.
DadPun advocate. PagerDaddy.

Daniel Korn:
In his current role, Daniel is an Engineering Team Lead at BigPanda, also leading the company’s community and open source efforts. Daniel has spent the past 7 years building products in the field of IT Operations, including contributions to open source projects such as OpenStack, Kubernetes and Ansible. When not coding, chasing hackathons or crashing meetups, Daniel is a GIF hunter and MEME crafter, addicted to exploring new places through football matches.
Erik Zaadi & Daniel Korn's proposals

Rick and (post)Morty

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

Practical day to day lessons about DevOps we learned from the Infinite universes top genius engineer and his junior apprentice.

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