Elad Leev
Platform Engineer @AppsFlyer
Platform Engineer with more than 5 years experience managing complex production operations, with expertise in distributed systems and databases.
I love to learn new stuff, and truly believe in self-learning. I'm a RSS junkie and new technology enthusiast.
Elad Leev's proposals

What can you learn from the biggest automation company in the world?

Ignite (5 Minutes)

We will go over some high scale patterns in one of the most surprising company in the industry

A Journey from Python to Go

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

In this talk, I'm going to tell you about my journey from Python to Go, and provide you with some tips and expose you to some of the resources that helped me succeed on this journey. I will dive into some of the main differences, and how to minimize the learning curve, as well as some of the excellent libraries and tools that enabled me to ramp up my Go coding skills pretty quickly & painlessly.

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