Principal Technical Product Marketing Manager @Red Hat
Daniel Oh is a principal technical product marketing manager at Red Hat and works CNCF ambassador / DevOps Institute ambassador as well. He's well recognized in cloud-native app dev, senior DevOps evangelist in many open source projects and international conferences.
danieloh30's proposals

Introduction to Distributed Service Mesh with Istio, Quarkus, and Kiali

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

In this session, we will explore how developers can utilize metrics, observe health status, and eventually monitor Istio service mesh with integrated Quarkus extensions, Kiali, Jaeger, Prometheus, and more.

Faster, Easier, and More Natural: Cloud Native Java Apps with Quarkus

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

In this session, we’ll explore how Quarkus along with Istio/Knative/Kubernetes changes a day in the life of the developers in comfortable, easier, and quicker ways to develop microservices, cloud-native, and serverless apps. After this talk, you'll be ready to move a Java application to Kubernetes and Quarkus.

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