Daniel Mittelman
Infrastructure Engineer @monday.com
Tinkering, building and breaking stuff since I was 10 years. I've built several independent projects and filled several positions in which I met the DevOps field in many strange ways, until I finally became an Infrastructure Engineer at monday.com about a year ago, and am meeting new challenges every day.

Strong believer in knowledge sharing through blog posts, meetups and conferences, and never miss the opportunity to attend a good professional gathering. I also consider myself a good public speaker, and I feel that it's finally my time to give back and share others in the local tech community with my experiences.
Daniel Mittelman's proposals

The Treacherous Road Towards Multi-DNS

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

Is your DDoS mitigation/WAF/cache provider also your DNS provider? It may be time for a change. In light of Cloudflare's incident that took down a large chunk of the Internet in July, we'll take an in-depth look at the process of achieving that golden status of Multi-DNS in a controlled and simulated process

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