Daniel Korn
Engineering Team Lead @BigPanda
In his current role, Daniel is an Engineering Team Lead at BigPanda, also leading the company's community and open source efforts. Daniel has spent the past 7 years building products in the field of IT Operations, including contributions to open source projects such as OpenStack, Kubernetes and Ansible. When not coding, chasing hackathons or crashing meetups, Daniel is a GIF hunter and MEME crafter, addicted to exploring new places through football matches.
Daniel Korn's proposals

Ready, set … wait: A Proposed Checklist for Production Readiness

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

Everything you absolutely, certainly, must check before declaring your service production-ready. This talk is the product of sleepless nights, pain and regret.

No one lives forever, so why should your data?

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

“To save the data, or not to save the data, that is the question.” Just kidding, (almost) no one ever asks this question when designing a new service. Let’s challenge that!

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