Erez Berkner
CEO & Co-Founder @Lumigo
Erez is the CEO & co-founder of Lumigo, a startup focusing on simplifying serverless applications troubleshooting, where the entire backend is… 100% serverless.
Prior to founding Lumigo, Erez was the R&D director of cloud products at Check Point, heading the company’s cloud strategy & execution.
Erez Berkner's proposals

Distributed Tracing – how to monitor in a microservices & Serverless environments

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

The adoption of microservice & serverless requires adaptation to our monitoring practices. Let's discuss how this is done properly.

CI/CD in the serverless era

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

Serverless development introduces a new methodology of how to build real “cloud-native” applications or workloads. It is impossible to duplicate an exact serverless environment to be run locally, and this is influencing the tools we use and the way we need to manage our CI/CD pipelines. In our session, we will share our hands-on experience.

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