Assaf Flatto
Production Engineer @Optibus
I started working with Open Source in 1995, Working as a Linux Administrator and systems implementer. Have been part of the Nagios community, and now an active team member of Icinga. I have worked as Linux system implementer and Network Management for companies like the BBC, SKY, and LOVEFiLM in the UK and various startups in Israel, both as a consultant and as a full time employee.
Doing work that have now been termed "DevOps" for more then 15 years and hates when people use that word as a job title.
Assaf Flatto's proposals

The Death of KISS

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

The world is moving on a super highway of data, and response time needs to be short to cater to the mass market. We, the ones making it work - either in code or operations ,needs to ensure we answer that demand, but does it really have to be so complex ? Why are "simple" solutions frowned upon ? where did it all go wrong ?

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