Andrew Gooding
VP of Engineering @Aerospike
VP of Engineering at Aerospike, formerly Chief Software Architect at Aerospike.

Before databases, I had a decade of experience developing software for embedded systems, such as phones and set-top boxes.

Before IT, I was a theoretical physicist, specializing in particle physics and cosmology.
Andrew Gooding's proposals

How Persistent Memory changes things for databases

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

In 2018 Intel introduced Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory. Applications that have adapted to PMEM can potentially use a lot more memory per-node, at a lower price, but at nearly the same performance as DRAM. If written correctly, this memory space can persist between reboots. How does PMEM change things for databases?

Strong Consistency in Databases. What does it actually guarantee?

Full Talk (40 Minutes)

Subject to the CAP theorem, NoSQL distributed systems have mostly chosen availability over consistency. This has been changing, yet many famous databases are still AP only. This talk includes a theoretical overview, and a practical look at the tradeoffs for your application and data between AP and CP modes. Also, how do different levels of consistency actually matter?

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