Allison McMillan
Engineering Manager @GitHub
Allison McMillan is an Engineering Manager at GitHub leading the Communication and Collaboration department. She's worn many hats including startup founder, community builder at the University of Michigan, software developer, and Managing Director of a national non-profit. Allison started programming at a Rail Girls workshop. She is a Mozilla Tech Speaker and speaks on a variety of topics including mentorship, working remotely, and being a parent and a developer. Allison also hosts a podcast about being a parent in tech, Parent Driven Development. When she's not coding, you can find her encouraging her toddler's climbing skills, making faces at her infant, or pretending she has time to bake. Allison lives in the Washington, DC area.
Allison McMillan's proposals

Baby Driven Development

Ignite (5 Minutes)

Most people shy away from using lessons from parenting to inform how they work but let's dig in and talk about how the habits of parents lead to thriving, successful teams and companies.

Experiential Learning for Developers

Short Talk (20 Minutes)

Whether you’re trying to teach a technical concept or focus on professional growth, interactive workshops are the best way to get teams engaged and individuals to remember lessons learned. Any individual can create these engaging and interesting sessions by following a simple formula.

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